We've been building dreams
for over two decades.

Over the last 20 years, David Friesenhahn has carried out his childhood dream of building beautiful homes—more than 300 of them.

We know that quality starts with attention to detail, which is why we construct with the best in building and energy efficient materials, right down to the nails and plumbing fixtures.

You’re investing in a dream that’s going to be huge part of your life—we don’t take that lightly. That’s why building strong customer relationships and avenues of communication is at the top of our list.

At Terra Nova, we ensure that every step of the building process is executed in line with your vision.


Our Terra Nova 360 Process is a comprehensive homebuilding system that includes planning, design, and construction all under one contract.

Terra Nova 360 is built on the idea of using a trusted, cohesive team from start to finish.

Over 20 years of experience has taught us that this proven process is key to completing high-quality projects on-schedule, on-budget, and providing the highest satisfaction for the homeowner.

With Terra Nova 360, your home is an all-around success.


David’s background in the management and development of energy efficiency programs has given him a unique skill set unlike most builders. His expertise is invaluable when it comes to making your home as energy efficient as possible.


With over 20 years of homebuilding experience, we guarantee that your home will be well-built and designed to your exact needs and lifestyle.

We have limitless custom design options and a wide variety of existing floor plans. And as hands-on builders, we are on every site multiple times a day to ensure a high-quality build process.

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