Design the home of your dreams.

Design your home with the Terra Nova 360 Design Process.


We want to get to know you!

In this first stage, we ask in-depth questions in order to reveal what kind of home works best with your lifestyle and dreams. Then we use that information to develop a visual design concept of your future home.


Your home is where a lot of life happens, so we want to get the flow just right for you.

At this stage, we use 2D CAD design and low-detail 3D-modeling to create a visual concept of your home. We analyze its core functionality and your day-to-day living in order to determine room placement, room sizes, and the overall “flow” of your floorplan.

It’s important to think about 1) how you live and 2) how you want to live. Our questionnaire helps you figure this out in terms of home design.


There are so many different styles of homes… here’s where we find the one that’s perfect for you. We review a variety of architectural styles to determine which look lines up with your vision.

Like your floorplan, we provide a low-detail mock-up of what the outside of the home will look like.

Using our 3D-modeling software, we’ll be able to show you the overall shape of your home, roof, windows, and door placements.

Throughout this part of the process, we are developing your customized digital Home Inspiration Book. We use interactive collaboration tools for collecting design inspiration and reviewing your selections. You’ll be able to save inspiration pictures as well as comment on them, which will send us real-time updates between scheduled design meetings.

*PLEASE NOTE: If your home is being built in an HOA community, all aspects of the design must be done in accordance with the neighborhood’s guidelines.


This stage takes place in between the time we have submitted for permitting and receiving the permit. During this phase, we will be using strictly 3D-modeling to convey final visualizations of what the house and spaces will look like.

At this point in the project we have determined general sizes, materials, placements, etc. and need to get specific selections chosen.


Once you’ve finalized your materials, you will receive a set of detailed selection sheets that lists: 

  • All materials you will need to select
  • The budget for your materials
  • The quantities you will need to select 

*Our vendors will also have this information and will help walk you through this more detailed selection process.


After you’ve ironed out the details of your custom home, we create another, more-detailed 3D model of your home’s interior using your detailed selections. 

We also want to give you an idea of the “big picture” view of your house, so we build a 3D model of the construction site to show:

  • What your house will look like on the lot
  • How your house will interact with the surrounding environment (viewports, sun and shadow locations, etc.)


We’ve finalized the virtual design of your dream home… 

After making your selections or getting samples of different selections from vendors, we input those details into your 3D model.

This will give you an even better idea of what those selections will look like in your home. You’ll have the opportunity to better visualize your home’s colors and combinations of material selections, and the flexibility to easily change them before purchasing or building.

Now it’s time to build your dream home!